shelving design
shelving design
shelving design
shelving design
shelving design


The triangular section of the doors of this cabinet is definitely its trademark. Moreover, these doors are playing deviously with cuts joint at 90 degrees to seta totemic figure of strong expressiveness.

This design seems emerged from a fusion between pop-futuristic shapes of the 70’s and the carpentry of seventeenth century palace.

Past and future come together in this piece of monolithic and categorical sobriety.

Solid doors 6.5 cm thick and and 60 cm wide each.

Atlantis shelving is 12o cm wide and 210 cm high we get an area of high capacity.

It can be used to save glassware and dishes, but it can also be used to keep clothes, books, etc.

4 drawers of 30 x 15 cm and one of 60 x 15 cm, perfect for storing cutlery, or any other thing you like.

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