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Luxury furniture

Your house will be what Humanity dreamt about for centuries

From the beginning, the Universe, Mythology and Nature have inspired human beings.

Humans have always imagined what their signs meant, what their secrets were, why they were what they were. They have written, sung and built monuments about it with the desire of understanding them and, why not, owning a piece of them.

That is the inspiration behind Atticus luxury furniture: the mysteries of Humanity and the feel of living in a world that we do not want to fully understand.

Live a journey around the Universe

When you look up to the sky, do you dream about reaching the stars? Do you feel mesmerized by its unique shapes, the colors, the movement? Do you want to feel its magic?

Then bring all of that to your home: a big part of the Atticus luxury furniture has been inspired by the speed, the fluency and the power of the elements of the Universe. From the galaxies to the aircrafts, from the orbits of the planets to the solar power, from mother Earth to the extraterrestrial environment.

You can have it all.



Feel the reality and the fantasy at the same time

Mythology erases the line between reality and fantasy.

That is why it has been a very important inspiration for our designers, who have created some of the most surreal, fantastic, mysterious luxury furniture on the edge of the dreams. Your eyes will not see that: your imagination will.

And you will find yourself in a place where only you can go.

Discover the mystery of the wild life

Mother Nature has given birth to some of the most beautiful legends in the world. Its changing shapes, its colors and the creatures that lived in it were a mystery to the primitive humans, and, somehow, they still are for us modern people.

Does it mean the secrets of Nature are infinite? Probably. You will see that in the lines, curves and volumes of our luxury furniture inspired by vegetation and animals.

They will change each time you look at them and they will let you see a different meaning everytime.