Atticus Gallery

Atticus is a gallery focused on bringing singular pieces of furniture and decorative objects to life, exploring the border between the functional and the artistic.

This project was born thanks to the initiative of the collector and businessman Rafael Pons Valle who, with his enthusiasm and strength, has allowed this project to come to light.

To face this task, he has surrounded himself with a professional team with extensive experience in the furniture and art sector.

Driven by the legacy of some of the most emblematic pieces of designer Paco Camus, and thanks to the contribution of new designs in furniture and accessories, Atticus Gallery is at the forefront of companies that are committed to originality and excellence. Its mission is to offer extraordinary and unique furniture, based on constant experimentation and the application of the most rigorous quality criteria. Atticus Gallery combines technology and craftsmanship to produce unique designs, immune to fashion and ready to conquer the hearts of lovers of art and beauty.