Mirrors the accesory every home needs

Mirrors, the accesory every home needs

In ancient Egypt, mirrors were the symbol of Hathor, the godess of sun, who was related to love, beauty, fertility… and also magic. 

And since then, mirrors have been present in the most important castles, churches and public spaces, but also in the home of every citicen. Not only because of their aesthetic value or their utility, but above all for what they represent. 

And what is it? Keep reading if you want to know and you will see why every home needs a mirror to upgrade itself. 

Why every home needs a mirror 

Think about the book Alice Through the Looking Glass, or Venus on her mirror, the most famous painting by Diego Velázquez. Or even the work of art called I’ll be your mirror, by the contemporary creator Joana Vasconcelos. 

What do they have in common? It is not the mirror itself: it is the fascination towards the reflection. It has always been seen as an open door to other worlds, and even to our own interior world. 

So, when you look at one, you are looking at a certain way of understanding the human soul. But why? 

  • Firts of all, because you see yourself in it clearly. Because you are allowed to have a conversation face to face with your own persona. But not a fast conversation, as it happens with photos or videos, but a restful, meaningful one. 
  • Second of all, because mirrors reflect light, and light has always been a sighn of divinity and happiness. Also, mirrors project all kinds of colors across the spaces and transform dark and severe rooms into a bright ensemble. 
  • And lastly, because mirrors create an illusion of space. So every room looks bigger whith a mirror. Does it not remind you about what a spell would do? 

So, when you include a certain type of mirror to harness its power, you are transforming your home into an open door to other worlds. Especially if the frame is grand enough to match the energy of the crystal. 

And that is why every home needs a mirror: beacuse every home is a world in itself. 

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