How the natural structures inspire furniture design

In the last decades, interior designers have adopted nature as their muse in order to balance the relationship between the human home and the open air. The aim has been reconnecting the human spirit with Mother Earth, and that is why the intricate, changing, delicate structures of the plants, the rocks or the sky can be nowadays found in diverse pieces of furniture: because they are beautiful, resilient and above all, unique. 

What does a furniture designer take from Nature? 

When creating a furniture piece, designers take from Nature those features that can not be found anywhere else. And we are talking not only about materials or shapes, but also about sensations, about recreating certain types of feeling such as freedom, movement or mutation. 

How can a furniture piece archive that? There is the answer: 

  • Replicating the changing shapes: the silhouettes in Nature change depending on the lighting and even the point of view because almost no natural structure is regular. That is an effect that designers try to emulate though variations in the thickness, the length and even the positions of the elements in the furniture. 
  • Copying the intricate patterns: natural patterns  are much more complex than any human structure. A single tree truck is a combination of hundreds of lines, ramifications and layers that expresses power and freedom. That is what a lot of earthly objects try to embody by combining different materials and lines. 
  • Worshiping the light: Nature is light. There is nothing that can be compared to the shining surface of the ocean or the reflection of the sun in a piece of marble. In fact, a lot of furniture pieces marry wood and different polished stones and crystals to emulate the effect that light projects on them in its original state. 
  • Capturing the movement: the waves, the branches of a tree, a spider web. All of them move, and that free movement creates very different effects. That sense of movement can be captured by combining sharp and rounded silhouettes, horizontal and perpendicular lines and different degrees of thickness to create a very dynamic yet impactful feel. 

As you can see, Nature can transform any furniture into a work of art. Nature inspired pieces are more than a trend, they are a way of reconnecting with our planet and rediscover all of its mysteries.